OMG!! 32 Popular Websites Banned, Now Google, Facebook, Youtube in Queue

Indian government banned 32 popular websites including Pastebin, Github, Vimeo and Dailymotion on the new year.

list of 32 blocked websites in india

Most of these websites are used by professionals so now it means having a Internet connection with no use for them. Companies are raising Internet data charges and now government banning popular websites.

Is it the way to wish happy new year to citizens?

Government should fire idiot advisers and hire right peoples. Advisers advice government that banning these 32 sites would help to control terrorism activities. Yes, main reason behind banning these 32 websites are:

1- These sites provide open platform to their users. That means any one can share any information over Internet.

2- They don't use any content approval system, so it is very easy for people to share anything on their sites.

3- According to government, ISIS were using these websites to share videos and other stuffs with rest of the world.

Now according to BJP Delhi comment on a news websites, there are more websites are in queue to get banned in India. You will be shocked, they are planning to ban following websites in upcoming days:-

blocked websites in India

Its too much for democracy, in democracy peoples have right of freedom and government are restricting them to visit their professional websites.

But they can't stop people to use these sites because of proxy sites. There are thousands are free proxy sites and software which can be used to access these blocked websites.

Is it Acche Din (Good Days)?? Instead of banning websites which are very useful for professionals, they can block the particular URL. If a content is not suitable then remove or ban that particular content, not whole website.

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11 Bullshit Thoughts You Will Only Hear in India

India is incredible country, no doubt but there are 11 bullshit thoughts in our society that need to be change right now. We are living in a time of globalization where science and technology growing rapidly. But there are 11 bullshit thoughts we used to hear in our everyday life.  

  • Mard ko dard nahi hota- People always used to say that man don’t feel pain. Is it so? Then why there is lots of crying man in hospitals. Man also feel pain when someone broke their heart.
sad man

  • Kaun ha??- If a person in India talking on phone while walking and smiling that means he must be talking to his gf/wife.
  • Chalu/Mal/Pathaka/kattoo- A girl in shorts used to hear these words. There are lots of viral video on Internet where people offer to girl walking in shorts.
Girl walking in shorts

  • Bhai itni rat tak karta kya hai??- Working on computer/laptop late night means watching porn or playing games. I really hate when people ask me “What do you do on your laptop till late night”.
late night work on computer

  • Jamana kharab ho gya hai- If a girl and a boy walking together on street that mean they must be couple and I can’t understand what their problem with couples and love marriage. In India, parents kill the couple because of fake honor. What type of shame they feel when a girl and a boy agree to spend their entire life with each other.
girl walking with boys

  • Anjan logo se bat na karna- Parents used to advice their children that they should not talk to strangers but they marry his/her with a stranger. Means talking to a stranger is not safe but marrying is.
  • Padh likh ke kya karega- Parents think that their son will do much better in family business so there is no need to educate them. If they feel much standard then they provide them basic education and then back to family business. They think that investing 10 lacks in family business is much better than wasting 10 lacks in education.
  • Private job me kya rakha hai- Yes, 2015 is coming but most of the people still think private jobs as Rs 10000 salary man.
  • Dosti nibhana sikho- You are not a good friend if you don’t attend each tour with your friends.

  • Ladki hai, padh likh legi to hame kya degi- Parents don’t provide higher education to girls because they think that after marriage she will left them. They can pay 20 lacks as dowry but can’t spend that money to provide higher education.
  • Jyada padh likh lega to nahi poochega- Most people in India, don’t educate their son because they have fear that if he get better life style then he won’t care of them. 

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